Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tempo Riserva Morellino di Scansano '06

 Bacci, Terre di Talamo


Terre di Talamo Morellino di Scansano Riserva

 This one nicely outperforms its price tag ($16.99). Starting off with rich red and black cherry fruit on the nose, just after opening, then backing off to an elegant mix of lean black cherry, Asian spice, and light, but definite, rose petals that persist over time in the glass. Despite the finesse, there is an impression of solidity underneath the fruit. The palate starts with a soft mouth-feel at first, and a subtle sweetness on the tip of the tongue. Next is savory, focused, black cherry, with aromatic sandalwood, a nice easy bite of acidity, and powdery tannins. There's good length to the finish as the sandalwood persists, and the acid causes the mouth to water. Something about this makes me think it is lacking somewhere, but every step of the experience has distinct character, and complexity. I guess it's just the gentle touch in its style. Satisfying and complete. 91 Pts

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