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I have been involved in wine for a about 15 years. I started researching and learning when I got tired of wondering what was behind the bunny or kangaroo on the bottle label in the store. I wanted to make an informed purchase so I started reading. Then I started participating in on-line wine forums, and made new friends in the wine world. Collecting special bottles came along naturally, and I started attending wine themed dinners in New York, later organizing many myself. This was, and is a great way to learn and I recommend it to anyone new to this pursuit. More recently, I began organizing and hosting wine dinners for a friend's restaurant on the Upper East Side, and enjoy that very much. Along with that, I help select wines for their list. I am a contributor to Snooth.com, where over a million wine lovers come together in search of wine information.
There is much to learn, and I look forward to the journey ahead, but I feel I have useful information to share today. Please, let me know if you think I can improve in some way, or if I have gotten a fact wrong. I would like to know.

I do not have backing or interest in any wine making entity, and do my best to write honest, and fair opinions.

I love to help people with wine, so if you have a question, feel free to shoot me an email or tweet.


Whenever possible, I taste the wines with food, as I would normally prefer to consume them. I taste first before I begin eating, and then enjoy the wine, noting its evolution, throughout the meal. As a result, I believe it gets its best possible showing, and reflects what most consumers will experience. I also believe that this results in a slight bump in the rating that I give it, perhaps a point or two, in comparison to tasting it with no food. Most wines, especially the reds that I typically drink, are just better with food. I recommend you drink them that way.

I will usually include a score with my tasting note, based on a 100 point scale. Yes, I know this scale has its drawbacks, but it is familiar to most, and I believe it adds useful information for the reader.For example, the details of a wine's character e.g fruit, structure, etc.may not fully reveal how I think it stands in relation to other wines I have tasted. The point score basically indicates how much I would enjoy drinking it again, and how much I was impressed.

You will not see many notes on disappointing wines here, unless there is very good reason. I suppose it would be a greater service to the reader if I  included them, but I would rather take a positive path at this time.


Samples are welcome and encouraged. Please email me, brunellobob@gmail.com, and I will provide shipping information.

Samples received will be reviewed as time and circumstances allow, and will be given the same, unbiased assessment as wines I've purchased. The submission of sample wines does not guarantee a review will be published. Reviews of sample wines may appear on other media outlets, as deemed appropriate by me.


E Mail: brunellobob@gmail.com
Twitter: @brunellobob

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