Monday, March 18, 2013

Rosso Del Palazzone VR

Great QPR from the Montalcino Zone

What a great value! I didn't check the varietals first, expecting this "Rosso" to have grapes other than, or added to, Sangiovese. I was wrong, and knew it on my first inhale of the nose. This is pure Sangiovese and I dare say Brunello-like. The nose was deep and solid with red cherry and black cherry notes, earth, saddle leather, and some suggestion of allspice. Later on the nose, aromatic sandalwood began to show. The palate was just as nice as the nose, with a pleasing earthy, cherry core that hovered at the mid-palate, and roasted fruit notes (not like heat damage) that lingered nicely on the finish. Somewhat elegant in texture. Light to medium weight, with good depth and some complexity. Excellent balance, showing well from beginning to end. 90+Pts.
        Check out the details behind this wine at Il Palazzone's website. It's no wonder that it strongly resembles a Brunello. I neglected to note the lot number on this bottle so I can't be sure which vintages went into the blend. Oh well, I'll just have to have another, and pay closer attention this time, good problem to have. Don't miss this value!

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