Thursday, July 25, 2013

Il Palazzone "Lorenzo & Isabelle" IGT 2005

This wine was produced specifically to honor the parents of winery owner Richard Parson's. "Dick" has been the owner of Il Palazzone since 2000. The back label of the bottle describes the wine, and his parents, very nicely.
"Lorenzo was powerful yet elegant; Isabelle was heart and soul. As a couple, they brought out the best in each other."
I can say, without hesitation, that the wine reflects exactly such complementary characteristics.You won't find this wine just anywhere, but it can be found, with just a little effort, and it's well worth it.

 Il Palazzone "Lorenzo and Isabelle" IGT, 2005. 
13.5% ABV
Cabernet Franc / Sangiovese / Petite Verdot from Montalcino $60
Deep and dark at first on the nose, with plenty of fragrant earth and beautiful, aromatic blackberry and black cherry. There is a clean and fine grained character to the nose, with subtle strength beneath. The first thing to strike me on the palate was a wonderful freshness in the black fruit, with subtle perfume, flinty earth, and kirsch. The balance is excellent, especially in the way the components blend together seamlessly. The finish shows moderate grip, with fine grained, mouth coating tannins. There is plenty of vigor, and I believe there is a whole other set of qualities yet to come out, given sufficient time. This is a wine of stature, depth, freshness, and finesse. Quite complete and drinking very well at this time. 93 Pts.

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